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Our Mission

We are pioneer supplying High-quality product and excellent adviser.

Our Company

LEC is a lightning specialist company which provides lightning prevention systems and products, application engineering, consulting and educational services to a wide spectrum of clients around the world. LEC works as a specialized engineering firm focused in the areas of our expertise

1. Lightning Protection
2. Electronic Components
3. Cleaning Solutions
4. Service Maintenance
5. CCTV and Secirity System
6. Material Testing Equipment

Our History

LEC, based in United States was founded in 1971 by Roy Carpenter, Jr the former Chief Engineer of NASA manned space programs, the Appollo Manned Moon Landing Project, and the Space Shuttle Project to find a complete systems engineered approach to lightning protection. The company began an intensive study to apply space age engineering concepts to solve lightning related problems.

At that time, true lightning protection remained in the Dark Ages, still based on installing air terminals (lightning rods on facilities a concept originated in the 1750s by Ben Franklin). But lightning rods have proven to be far less than 100% effective at preventing lightning. To meet the challenge, LEC developed a unique strike prevention system known as the Dissipation Array System (DAS), as well as a line of surge suppressors and other lightning protection products.


Our Customers

We serve Fortune 500 clients like Federal Express, Shell, Exxon Mobil worldwide and in Singapore our clients includes DSTA, MINDEF, MobileOne etc.