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South East Asia comprise one of the most lightning prone countries in the world. For example in Singapore, it experiences over 171 thunderstorm days in a year and in Malaysia it registers 200 lightning days yearly.

With the life style trend moving towards a Electronic/Digital age, our equipment are now more prone to lightning surges that can arise from power and communication lines.

Our surge protection package will:

  • Protect your Electronic Equipment
  • Protect your Investment
  • Maintain Continuity of Critical Operations
  • Maintain Reliability of Equipment
  • Improve Lightning Safety
  • Reduce Nuisance Power Trips


Direct Strike Protection


Anybody can be struck by lightning while out in a thunderstorm - and Singapore has one of the highest incidences of death by lightning strike in the world.

According to Meteorological Services Department we have at least 171 lightning days in a year.

Singapore's location near the Equator, coupled with the hot and humid weather, give rise to lightning-producing thunderstorm clouds.